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NOVO Technology Incorporation Limited is a registered business entity guided by the laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The Company was established over 10 years ago, offering a portfolio of diversified services such as Payment processing, Digital Media/Retail and Software development. NOVO impresses on the benefits and convenience that technology can bring across all sectors, through the entire value chain to the end-user. NOVO is committed to reshaping the way we use technology by also incorporating our mobile future. Our aim is to pioneer new and exciting technologies whilst constantly developing new channels of modern commercial services and digital media networks


Our Featured Projects

WASA Payment Platform

People's Card

Social Wifi

Central Bank - Mobile App

CNMG - Interactive Map

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Greg Yacoob

General Manager

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Raees Rahim

Software / Infrastructure Development Lead

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Donald Modeste

Visual Innovator

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Jodun Lodge

Game Designer

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Jeewan Surujbally

Junior Software Developer

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Kevin Nanan

Support I.T Technician

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Sailesh Calpu

Support I.T Technician

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Stacey Smith Wong

Marketing Officer

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What We Do

Online Payment Processing

- Novo is currently offering our payment processing platform which can facilitate online ecommerce payments for recurring transactions such as membership and course fees (where applicable) and also online store purchases. Novo can provide an online web payment...

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Virtual Banking

Virtual Banking is essentially the use of an Internet based financial institution to deposit, withdraw and/or transfer funds. This can be done using any internet enabled device and can often be tied to a physical card that can communicate with a standard ATM.

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Social Commerce

While similar in nature to our Online Payment processing our Social Commerce platform offers a unique ability, it allows you to transform your existing Facebook fanpage to an online store front. Here you can access and manage inventory while...

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Custom App Development

Application development from websites to server based or desktop applications, including mobile app development, we can take you from concept to deployment. We've developed applications for various needs and platforms, all within reasonable budgets and...

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AFIS Implementation

An Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) is a biometric identification (ID) methodology that uses digital imaging technology to obtain, store, and analyze fingerprint data.

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